Star Citizen – Alpha-Update 1.3 veröffentlicht

Star Citizen – Alpha-Update 1.3 veröffentlicht

Star Citizen hat nun ein weiteres Alpha-Update erhalten.

Star Citizen – Alpha-Update 1.3 veröffentlicht

Die Alpha-Version von Star Citizen hat nun einen Patch spendiert bekommen, welcher das Spiel auf Version 1.3 hievt. Neben diversen Balance-Anpassungen und Bugfixes wird der Titel zudem auf das große Update 2.0 „Mini Persistent Universe“ vorbereitet.

Star Citizen Alpha 1.3 is now available on the live server! Alpha 1.3 represents our first ‘post merge’ patch, which means that a great deal of work has happened ‘under the hood’ combining several different development streams. The merge process conducted these past weeks has prepared the game for the next major update: the upcoming Alpha 2.0 “Mini Persistent Universe.” In addition to technical work, today’s patch includes updates to the flight model, a selection of new, larger guns for Voyager Direct and a variety of other changes. The patch is currently accessible via the Star Citizen Launcher and a complete list of release notes (including balance modifications, known issues and other changes) are available here.

This patch includes a large expansion to the ArcCorp’s Area 18. It adds the under-construction Galleria area, an overhaul of the social interface, new emotes and the addition of Greycat buggies around the zone that can be driven and crashed. We have also introduced some balance changes to both ship health and weapon damage, as well as a number of bug fixes. Finally, today’s patch also includes a significant update to the social module’s chat system.


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