Lego Worlds – Umfangreiches Update veröffentlicht

Lego Worlds – Umfangreiches Update veröffentlicht

Lego Worlds hat nun ein weiteres Update spendiert bekommen.

Lego Worlds – Umfangreiches Update veröffentlicht

TT Games und Warner Bros. haben nun den insgesamt dritten Patch für die Early-Access-Version von Lego Worlds veröffentlicht. Das Update trägt die Versionsnummer 0.40 und soll diverse Fehler im Spiel beheben. Neben einer verbesserten Skybox gibt es auch Verbesserungen an der Fahrzeug-Kamera und verbesserte Item-Beschreibungen. Die Patch-Notes findet ihr im Folgenden:

Major Bug Fixes

  • Various Stability/Crash Fixes
  • Updated localised strings
  • Fixed rare Occurrence where player was able to tag away from the playable character
  • Fixed an issue with coastline generation
  • Fixed a render issue with certain brick types on low/medium graphical settings
  • Fixed Alt+Tabbing causing loss of camera controls
  • Fixed to slope matching not functioning correctly with terrain tools in certain cases
  • Fixed WASD keys still registering inputs when game is running in windowed mode and not focused
  • Fixed corruption of water terrain on front-end world preview on certain machines
  • Fixed camera not following or rotating correctly with chase mode enabled
  • Fixed some cases where 2-core CPU’s stall when using certain terrain tools
  • We’re aware of the issue that is causing this and will continue to address this in future patches.

Minor Fixes/Tweaks

  • Mouse wheel zoom is now more granular
  • Resolved an issue where player could place props above ground, resulting in floating props
  • Resolved a problem where manual deletion of single bricks wasn’t registering in 100% of cases
  • Fixes to various Gingerbread man animations
  • Drowning no longer makes you immune to drowning
  • Resolved an issue with camera not returning to player focus when completing a quest
  • Death Debris added to various creatures
  • Corrected a problem with the mini-map that caused caves not to appear
  • Underwater VFX should no longer appear on-land
  • Player heart colour will no longer quickly flash between blue/red when at water surface level
  • Fixed rare issue where prop debris would float upwards if there was a water volume above it’s location
  • In-game Save & Exit option now returns you to the main menu rather than to the title screen
  • Fixed a problem with looping Bicycle audio dropping out at odd intervals
  • Undo option in Brick-by-Brick menu now has audio underwater
  • Fixed duplication of items in certain animations
  • Selecting a prop that contains an inventory item then cancelling or exiting out of placement mode no longer leaves the prop floating in the air
  • Volume of certain ambient night themes has been adjusted
  • „Clear All Discoveries“ should no longer ignore certain models
  • Texture update to the Elephant
  • Adjustments to cave generation algorithms
  • Undo/Redo should now function correctly when affecting edits made by the Smooth Terrain tool


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