Prison Architect – Drittes Update bringt Wachtürme mit Scharfschützen

Prison Architect – Drittes Update bringt Wachtürme mit Scharfschützen

Spieler von Prison Architect können sich ab sofort über Update #3 freuen.

Prison Architect – Drittes Update bringt Wachtürme mit Scharfschützen

Entwickler Introversion Software hat nun das dritte Update zu Prison Architect veröffentlicht, welches ab sofort kostenlos heruntergeladen werden kann. Dieses lässt euch unter anderem Wachtürme mit Scharfschützen und sicherere Kabinen für den Besuchsraum errichten.

Die Änderungen im Überblick:

  • Guard Towers + Snipers:
    You can now build guard towers around your prison for an extra level of security, intimidation, and force.
    New entity type: Snipers. Hired from the staff menu. These guys will equip themselves with a scoped sniper rifle from the armoury, if you have one. They will then take turns manning the guard towers you have built. Snipers will project ‚Suppression‘ to all prisoners within their line of sight.
    Rules of engagement: When snipers see trouble occuring, they will fire warning shots. If three warning shots are ignored, they will shoot to kill. If you have enabled „Freefire“ they will always shoot to kill, without warning. They will also shoot to kill if they see an escaping prisoner already outside the prison secure zone.
  • Secure Visitation Booths
    You can now build secure visitation booths in your visitation room if you choose, instead of the usual tables.
    A secure visitation booth has a glass panel that seperates the inmate from the family member, and they use a phone to talk.
    No contraband can be imported through a totally secure visitation room
    However the inmates family needs will not be satisfied nearly as well
    Nb. There must be a complete seperation of visitors and inmates for a room to be considered secure.
  • Female Names-in-the-game
    If you are a Name in the Game customer, you can now update your bio and create a female prisoner if you wish. Go to to do this.
  • Mod API updates
    Scripted interface buttons now correctly pass click callbacks to the script that created them. This allows scripts to add interactions to other objects in the game world.
    Dormitories of 40 or more squares will now get their own sector for the purposes of guard deployment and security zoning
  • New Translations


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