Overwatch – Update bringt neue Karte und neuen Modus

Overwatch – Update bringt neue Karte und neuen Modus

Overwatch wurde um eine neue Map sowie einene neuen Spielmodus erweitert.

Overwatch – Update bringt neue Karte und neuen Modus

Overwatch hat nun einen umfangreichen, 1,5 Gigabyte großen Patch spendiert bekommen, welcher diverse neue Inhalte mit sich bringt. Hierzu gehören unter anderem die neue Map namens Route 66 sowie der neue Spielmodus Weekly Brawl. 

„In einem Weekly Brawl könnt ihr nur Soldier: 76 spielen, während in einem anderen Weekly Brawl der Chrakter jedes Mal neu zugeordnet wird, wenn ihr gerespawned werdet„, so heißt es.

Weekly Brawl lässt sich dabei sowohl allein als auch in einem Team spielen. Während der Beta soll der Modus jeden Tag neu rotieren, nach Release ist dies nur noch wöchentlich vorgesehen.

Die Neuerungen im Überblick:

Player Progression

  • All available and unlocked achievements can be viewed in the Career Profile > Achievements tab
  • Select achievements will now unlock general and hero-specific sprays (which can be equipped in the Hero Gallery)
  • Players will now unlock a new portrait frame every 10 levels, instead of only at levels 10, 25, 50, and 100
  • Players will now receive a promotion every 100 levels
  • When a player receives a promotion, they will unlock a new portrait frame theme
  • With each new promotion, the player’s level (and the EXP required to level) will be reset
  • New Legendary skins have been added for several heroes
  • Plays of the Games have received a polish pass

Joining and Leaving Games

  • Players will now receive an EXP bonus for playing multiple matches in succession
  • Players who backfill into a match will no longer receive a loss for that match (even if it ends in a defeat), but can still receive a win
  • These players will also receive an additional EXP bonus for the match, if completed
  • Players who leave an in-progress match will now receive an automatic loss
  • Players who repeatedly leave in-progress matches will also receive a temporary penalty on EXP gained from future matches (this penalty will persist as long as the player continues to repeatedly leave in-progress matches)

Group Improvements

  • Players can now request to “Join a Group”
  • When a group leader leaves a game, he or she will now have the option to leave with the group intact
  • Expanded preferences for groups have been added to the Options menu
  • Option to allow current group members to invite other players to the group
  • Option to allow “Anyone,” “Friends,” or “No One” to join your group without an invite


  • The new player experience has been updated
  • The Tutorial and Practice Range have received a polish pass
  • Dialogs will now guide new players through the Tutorial, Practice Range, and Practice vs AI modes before recommending Quick Play
  • Players can now browse the main menu while queued for Quick Play, Play vs AI, or Weekly Brawl! games
  • “Healing Done” has replaced “Final Blows” as an available end-of-match medal
  • End-of-match commendations have received another tuning pass
  • AI heroes will now melee and use Health Packs


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