The Long Dark – Sandbox-Update „Resolute Outfitter“ erhältlich

The Long Dark – Sandbox-Update „Resolute Outfitter“ erhältlich

In The Long Dark hält nun ein umfangreiches Kleidungssystem Einzug.

The Long Dark – Sandbox-Update „Resolute Outfitter“ erhältlich

Für den Horrortitel The Long Dark steht ab sofort das Sandbox-Update „Resolute Outfitter“ zur Verfügung. Neben der Region „Forlorn Muskeg“ bringt das größte Update des Jahres auch das neue Kleidungssystem mit sich. Dabei verspricht man satte 65 Kleidungsstücke mit individuellen Eigenschaften, die ihr natürlich auch in mehreren Schichten tragen könnt.

Die Änderungen im Überblick:

[NEW!] Addition of new region: Forlorn Muskeg
[NEW!] Addition of new enhanced Clothing system and assets; refer to the detailed design notes on this new system as it changes core gameplay significantly!
[NEW!] Affliction: Frostbite
[Crash] Fixed intro video crash on Windows XP
[Crash] Fix for rare crash when placing footprints
[Gameplay] Retuned Sprint Stamina recovery and Fatigue cost
[Gameplay] Retuned cool downs on Heated drinks; they will now stay warm much longer
[Gameplay] Retuned Hypothermia recovery times
[Gameplay] Retuned Hypothermia Risk times; it now takes longer to develop Hypothermia
[Gameplay] Hypothermia recovery times now modified by Experience Mode
[Gameplay] Added ability to relight a burned out Campfire
[Gameplay] Made Scrub Brush harvestable for fuel
[UI] Added new Clothing “Paper Doll” interface
[UI] Decoy moved to the Camp Craft submenu on the radial
[UI] Fix for buttons overlapping when progress bar is active on inventory UI
[UI] Accelerant now stacks (no longer degrades)
[Bug] Fixed bug that caused Fluffy to fall through the floor of the Dam
[Bug] Fixed bug that prevented Challenge retries from working properly
[Bug] Fixed bug that caused audio to be muffled after started a game after a drowning death
[Bug] Fixed bug that caused wind audio to cut out in interiors
[Bug] Fixed issue where it was possible to equip partially crafted clothing items
[Bug] Fixed bug with showing „Repair“ instead of „Read“ for books when using gamepad
[Bug] Fix issues with Distress Pistol not animating and playing audio
[Bug] Fixed snow shelter rendering glitches


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